Ask ADAMS ESQ: What Should I Do When The School Says My Child No Longer Needs an IEP?

My son is a 7-year old 1st grader attending an on-line charter school. He has an active IEP under the classifications of Autism (primary) and Speech and Language Impairment (secondary). His charter school claims that because he is doing well academically, even though he has gaps in speech, he no longer qualifies for an IEP.  Citing outdated assessments, his virtual charter school now wants to switch him to a 504 plan instead.  Should I agree to exit him from special education? No.  Just like entering

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Can lightning strike the same place twice?  That seems to be the case for the special education law firm of ADAMS ESQ.  Facebook has just awarded ADAMS ESQ monetary and advertising grants to help us support our special needs community during these uncertain times.  We’re fired up to do just that!  Combining the recent Salesforce Care Grant (thanks again you guys!) with the new Facebook awards, ADAMS ESQ has already begun using these blessings to fund academic screenings for eligible children with special education needs. 

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DEJAR A SU HIJO EN LA ESCUELA Todos estamos ansiosos por que la escuela reabra para el aprendizaje en clase.  Pero los padres, especialmente los padres de niños con necesidades especiales, necesitan hacer mucho más de la preparación para la escuela este año.  Aquí hay cinco cosas que todos los padres de educación especial deben considerar antes de dejar a un niño en la escuela durante la pandemia COVID-19.  1. Seguridad.  Asegúrese de que su hijo esté seguro en la escuela.  El Departamento de Salud

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LEAVING YOUR CHILD AT SCHOOL We’re all eager for school to reopen for in-class learning.  But parents, especially parents of children with special needs, need to do a lot more back-to-school prepping this year.  Here are five things every special education parent should consider before leaving a child at school during the COVID-19 pandemic.     1. Safety.  Make sure your child will be safe at school.California’s Department of Public Health recently published updated guidance for all schools and learning pods (cohorts).  Among other things, this

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¡Cuidado con las Exenciones!

Usted puede estar firmando los derechos y beneficios de su hijo/a Jean Murrell Adams, Esq. La escuela está de vuelta en sesión (bueno, más o menos) y hemos estado recibiendo un montón de preguntas sobre si los distritos escolares y las escuelas chárter tienen que cumplir con los IEP.  La respuesta corta es: ¡Sí!  Los padres y las escuelas deben seguir siendo razonables y flexibles para garantizar que los niños con necesidades de educación especial reciban oportunamente todas las pruebas, enseñanzas y otros servicios de

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Watch Out for Waivers!

You May be Signing Away Your Child’s Rights and Benefits Jean Murrell Adams, Esq. School is back in session (well, sort of) and we’ve been getting lots of questions regarding whether or not school districts and charter schools have to comply with IEPs.  The short answer is—yes!  Parents and schools should remain reasonable and flexible in ensuring that children with special education needs are timely receiving all testing, teaching and other services consistent with their IEPs.  Unfortunately, some school districts are forcing parents to waive

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Doubling-Down on Special Education

Your Child is Worth the Fight Jean Murrell Adams, Esq. Today is Wednesday, July 15, 2020.  We are mindful that nearly 140,000 souls have perished here in the United States due to COVID-19.  The pandemic hascaused seismic shifts in back-to-school plans, priorities and expectations causing many parents to give up and “write-off” this school year in frustration.  Families who have children with disabilities are especially hard-hit.  Despite the chaos, parents can–and absolutely must—double-down andtake charge of educational programming for their children with special needs. 1.

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ADAMS ESQ Awarded $10,000 Salesforce Grant!

San Francisco Business Times, Salesforce doles out $3 million in SMB Covid-19 grants  Dawn Kawamoto Picture courtesy : Todd Johnson | San Francisco Business Times Oakland attorney Jean Murrell Adams and San Francisco dentist Ivan Serdar faced dire times when their revenues came to a screeching halt in mid-March as the Covid-19 shelter-in-place lockdowns stole away their business. Murrell Adams pivoted the business model for her 18-year-old law firm Adams Esq. and took a 20% reduction in hours along with her six employees to keep the

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Doblarsusesfuerzosen la Educación Especial

Su hijo vale la pena la lucha Jean Murrell Adams, Esq. Hoy esmiércoles, 15 de julio de 2020.  Somosconscientes de que casi 140.000 almas hanperecidoaquíenlosEstadosUnidosdebido a COVID-19.  La pandemia ha causadocambiossísmicosenlos planes, prioridades y expectativas de regreso a la escuela, lo que ha hecho que muchos padres se rindan y “cancelaran” esteaño escolar frustrado.  Las familias que tienenhijos con discapacidades son especialmenteafectadas.  A pesar del caos, los padres pueden (y absolutamentedeben) doblar y hacerse cargo de la programacióneducativa para sushijos con necesidadesespeciales. 1. La seguridad

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