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Special education teacher’s Facebook post calls autistic child a ‘hot mess’ and parents ‘crazy’

A special-education teacher in the Torrance Unified School District was taken from the classroom after parents discovered her Facebook post saying she was about to enter a meeting with “crazy parents” to discuss an autistic student whom the teacher describes as a “hot mess.”

The teacher, Suzanne Hutton, said she was looking forward to ”hitting happy hour” after work.

According to a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News, Hutton led a class of seven elementary school children with autism. The school district moved fast to get her out of the classroom after parents discovered her social media blunder.

“The district is investigating the situation,” district spokesperson Tammy Khan said in an email. “The teacher has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.” Many parents say that this confirms how teachers really feel about them when they are advocating for their child’s rights.

One lesson here is to always be careful what you write in text, email and on social media. This is also true for parents and caregivers. Despite how you feel about a teacher or school administrator, it is generally a good idea to keep offensive comments away from social media.

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