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New Additions To IEP Cheat Sheet

ADAMS ESQ’s ongoing mission is to educate all parents on their rights and the rights of their children with special needs. Therefore, It is our honor to now make our IEP Cheat Sheetavailable in four languages: English, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin!

All versions were translated by professional interpreters. In addition, ADAMS ESQ attorneys and paralegals reviewed all translations to ensure substantive, cultural and grammatical accuracy. We recognize that the IEP process is often confusing. This can be especially so for parents who are recent immigrants or who do not speak English as their primary language. Our goal is to increase parent knowledge and awareness for everyone–particularly parents of special needs children in historically under-served communities.

Please share these multi-lingual guides widely with your on-line and off-line communities. These short reference guides are particularly handy for parents who are new to special education and are just starting to navigate the process. But remember, as with any information, laws and practices do change over time and every case is different. Some portions of the guide are specific to California. So consult with an experienced advocate in your area or seek legal advice if you believe your child is not receiving a free, appropriate, public education.

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