Mrs. Adams,
I wanted to thank you and thank God for sending you my way. I will never forget you for all you have helped my son M.T. with.
Thanks, CT


Dear Gail,
Just wanted to say thank you Gail and ADAMS ESQ for all your help. My son now has a better future with his education! Peace be with you. M.R. and A.P.

M.R. and A.P.

Mrs. Adams,
Thank you so much for all you have done to help my boys out.

Dad, Mom, Sons

Mrs. Adams,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful presentation you have provided us here in Las Vegas. Many parents have left with a world of knowledge and are empowered to continue fighting for their children! Thank you again for this opportunity.

Advocate C.E.

Dear Jean,
Arigato; Gracias; Thank you; Tank; Danke Schon; Maholo :
Jean, if I could say Thank You in all of these languages to you, I would because you are deserving of them all.

Beyond love, N.H.

Dear Jean,

I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for taking J’s case. It has been a challenging, but rewarding time.
It is really hard to explain how much this means not just to me but to my son as well. I don’t even want to imagine that you might have never known how much your work means to our family and many other ones. Every time that I started to write I get emotional and I start to cry, and then I was saving for later, but that’s enough. You have to know that all the work you do, doesn’t ever go to waste. The community grows stronger thanks to your work…

When I met Blanca; I was impressed by the next second. She was in touch immediately; she even speaks Spanish, wow! That was huge. We were in the same page, at the same time, we knew how to identify every situation with the right words and interpretation. Blanca not only look at the legal side of the case, but many other ones like, the mother side; where she acknowledged me as a mom and for how much I went through with the school district, besides of validating all the pain and the countless situations, where the school sanctioned my son over and over for no reason. Also for explaining the law to me and for working with me diligently to build the case. We were in touch for many hours at a time, during the day or night, didn’t matter; by email or by phone. I could clearly see how much time and effort she was putting in to our case; Blanca always showed me compassion, respect and lots of encouragement to believe that J would be able to achieve High-School.
We look through everything, and Blanca even surprised me by finding so many other violations that I had no idea until she point to me each and all of them. It was more than clear to see how much time, energy and passion she had invested in the case and to get the law served accordingly. The school district responded really soon with Blanca’s prompt attention and boldness. Thanks to Blanca, my son is receiving so many services that I have never even dream of. I know now that J is not only to graduate from High-School now, but with a lot of support and services. Thanks to her; he will be able to build the “Tool Box” where he will be able to help himself and able to fulfill a self-sufficiency life. I’m so sure of that!

Later, I got to meet Blanca in person; we had a really nice time. I confirmed once again, that nice Lady Attorney that she is. I’m so proud to say that Blanca represented my son, our case and to say that she is an amazing Attorney.

Thank you Adams Esq. for ALL your services and furthermore, thank you for assigning my case to Blanca Vaughan. We are more than blessed!


K. R.

K. R.